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Frequently asked questions regarding St. Luke Lutheran Community - North Canton, Minerva, and Portage Lakes

Do I need an appointment to take a tour?
No, our staff is available to give tours days, evenings and weekends.

Does St. Luke Lutheran Community accept Medicare & Medicaid?

Is there a waiting list?
Typically, for Assisted Living and Memory Support. However, never assume there are no vacancies.

Is a doctor's order required to be admitted?
An order is not required but your doctor will need to provide medical information prior to admission.

Is respite care available?
Yes, for a 5-day minimum stay.

Do you have private rooms?
Yes, although most rooms are semi-private

Who are you owned by?
Our moral owners are 54 neighboring Lutheran Churches committed to fulfilling the St. Luke mission.

Do you have Registered Nurses in the facility at all times?
We have RN's working 24/7 responsible for the assessment and care of the residents.

How often does the doctor see the resident?
The doctor is required to see the resident every 30 days for the first 90 days and then every 60 days thereafter. However, the doctor is always on call and is informed by nursing when there are concerns that require his intervention.

Is the patient rehabilitation area separate from the long-term care area?
There is a designated rehabilitation area and patients can receive rehabilitation in any nursing area including the Memory Support area.

What are your visiting hours?
You can visit with the resident whenever it is convenient for you. However, the front door does lock at night and you would need to call to inform the RN Coordinator that you are coming.

Can my loved one have a bath in the evening?
Yes, we do person-centered care here at St. Luke and try to keep the resident's routine as much like home as possible.

What time does the resident have to get up in the morning?
Again, with person-centered care, the resident can sleep as late as 10 AM if they choose to do so. Breakfast will be delivered to a resident's room when he or she requests that service.

Are there activities to keep the residents busy?
Yes, we have a variety of scheduled activities both in and out of the facility, as well as regular exercise classes; and we encourage the residents to participate.

Can I bring in items and pictures for my loved one?
We encourage you to bring these so that we can make the resident's room as homelike as possible.

Frequently asked questions regarding Meals

Are my favorite foods available?
All newly admitted residents meet with a Dietary representative to discuss what they like and dislike as part of their diet history. We use a four week cycle menu that offers a broad variety of foods. We also offer a limited selection of "always available" items.

Do I have to eat every meal?
Everyone is encouraged to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a resident's choice and his or her right to not eat any meal.

Can visitors bring in food for a friend or loved one?
Yes. Non-perishable foods may be brought in and stored in a labeled, sealed container in the resident's room. Perishable foods may be stored in the refrigerator located near the nursing station. Food must be labeled and dated.

Can visitors dine with friends and loved ones?
Yes. A guest tray may be ordered and paid for through the Service Desk.

Do you provide TV or phone service?
Both are available. Service and/or rental fees may apply. Contact Admissions or Social Services. They will fill out the necessary paperwork and forward for installation of services.

Will we be able to watch Cleveland Indians games?
YES!, We have Sports Time Ohio.

Is someone available during evenings and weekends to help bring in furniture, hang pictures, etc?
Yes, the maintenance department operates from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. seven days a week.

How often do you do personal laundry?
We do laundry seven days per week.

How can I be sure clothing will not get lost?
All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the resident's name. The laundry department will be glad to mark them for you.