Hospice Services at St. Luke

Hospice services are designed to support your loved one during all phases of a chronic or terminal illness and provide comfort so they can live each day as fully as possible. These services can be provided at any of our facilities. We work as a team with hospice and palliative care agencies to see that all needs - medical, spiritual and emotional - are met for your loved one.

Hospice care can be provided for your loved one when their doctor shares that their disease process is progressing or declining, if your loved one no longer wishes to seek aggressive treatment, or if they have a significant weight loss and multiple hospital trips. Hospice services are covered under your loved one’s insurance benefit.

Our team of social workers can provide support to you and your loved one with processing feelings during this difficult time, provide education about what to expect, and guide you through your options in selecting a hospice service. Social Services can also assist with Medicaid applications, information about VA Benefits, along with completing Living Wills and Power of Attorney documents.